Friday, June 20, 2008

Been here

Ok, so I have been missing for a while but Im back like I was never gone.
Okie doke?

Lets get down to business.
Im gonna post some pics of outfits/styles im feeling, and you look and comment.
Hereeee we go!

I dont think she is "exposed". I think its just enough. Nice fit and color. I like it.

M.I.A.'s style is so out there and i like it. Those shorts are lovely!!!

The print of Lindsay's top is lovely and the cut of Nicole's jacket is cu-yoot (cute)!!!

A simple blog as a im sorry to our readers. :^)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Everyone wants to be a Kardashian....

Yes...I am in love with the Kardashians. Im sure you've heard about and/or seen the Kardashians (most likely Kim) in the rag mags (any of the weekly's), t.v., or gossip on the radio.
But im here to give you facts! Just about Kim right now...more on the K's to come!
yeah, my opinion might be thrown in once or twice. :^)

-She was born to Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian.
-She is half Armenian (her father was Armenian).

-She has 3 blood siblings. 2 girls and one boy. And has 2 half sisters. And 4 in-law siblings (one of them being Brody Jenner from The Hills).
Here's Brody:

-She married Damon Thomas the music producer in 2000, but only stayed married for about 3 years.
-She is currently dating Reggie Bush

-Yes, she did make that tape. No need to expand on that situation.
-Hey! Did you know she actually does work? She was a stylist and personal shopper. She also used to organize celebrities closets. Now, she does photo shoots and works in the store she runs with her sisters.
SO, thats the scoop on Kimmy K. Here are some more pics just for kicks!

Our apologies for the lack of updates, we're thinking of something to worthy enough to blog about. *Goes into deep thought.*

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Get A Grip...

So if you have not heard by now there is controversy about Vogue's latest issue cover. It is said to be "racist", "sexist", as well as "aggressive". Yeah umm please, Vogue covers are anything but that serious. So whoever decided to point out the fact that LeBron is depicting King Kong and that Gisele is the "damsel in distress" do us all a favor and go crawl under a rock. Honestly, it is something to laugh at and yes I do agree that there was a better image to choose from, from the shoot but life goes on. {click to view better image} Vogue obviously knew what they were doing so go suck on a nut whoever you are. Instead of focusing on ridiculous things like that can we focus on giving water and food to the children in other countries who do not have any nor shoes! Or what about the children whose places of residence are being bombed and parents are being killed?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm a hustler baby...

That poor woman. My heart goes out to her especially for standing by her "man" through the scandal. Watching the apology clip repeatedly on CNN sitting in Subway everyone could only feel for Silda. You can't help but wonder what is running through her mind, how does she feel, what is she going to do! It makes you wonder if Eliot Spitzer even thought about his wife once throughout the whole ordeal. Does he even understand the embarrassment she must be going through. How does one face the world after a situation like this, because what was once surely behind closed doors has jumped out bitten Spitz in the ass now. "What is done in the dark will always come to light."  Personally I think that there are various things running through her mind such as, "Is there something that could have been done to avoid this?", "Did I do something wrong?", "I'm going to kill this motherfucker!" and then watching her she just looked like she wanted to cry. Below is the video, if you haven't seen it by now.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Minus all of the pink this couldn't be any better, though I think the pink fits her so well. Betsey Johnson's apartment is so perfectly romantic and eclectic at the same time. It's a great perception of how she incorporates her style from her personal life into her designs. You definitely get a feel of Betsey when you where her items. If not before hopefully you do now. She's very good with balance and detail.

As well, we think it is safe to say that Amy Wino is looking good. Rehab was the best thing for her to do. (Don't be corny and sing 'Rehab' now please & thanks.)